Troas Beach Resort Hotel has the best location ever in this region of Northern Aegean. Rich antique places as well as points of discovery, daily visit and fun are all at easy reach. The closest important city to Troas is Çanakkale. Its historical and cultural values, its being a connection point to the region from Istanbul, and its nice renewed airport make out of Çanakkale the first interest point to mention in the area. It takes 1h 10 mn to get from Troas Beach to Çanakkale by car.


The Antique City of Troy (50 mn), the Antique City of Alexandria Troas (20 mn), the Apollon Smintheus Temple and Ruins, Gülpınar (15 mn), Babakale Village and the Fishermen’s Port (30 mn), the Antique City and Port of Assos (45 mn), Bayramiç Ida Mountain Natural Park (1h), Geyikli Village (20 mn), Tenedos Island (30 mn by ferry from Geyikli) are the other centers of interest, history, culture and curiosity of the area, all with their respective distance indications. 


History & Environmental

Alexandria Troas: Alexandria Troas is an ancient Greek city situated on the Aegean Sea near the northern tip of Turkey's western coast only 3 km from pier of Geyikli. this site was first called Sigia; perhaps about 310 BC Antigonus who was successor of Alexander the Great, founded the city as Antigonia Troas. After the city was built the other cities were forced to migrate to this city. After the death of Antigonus, Lysimakhos accelerated the reconstruction of the city and changed its name to Alexandreia Troas. The artificial harbour, water belts and temple are places, worth of seeing.

Truva (Troia): Troia is situated 40 km away from our Hotel.

Gülpınar Smintheion: Apollon Smintheion is a temple in Ion order, especially the drawings and embossing which are describing the Troain war are interesting to see.

Bozcaada: You can go to Bozcada from Geyikli pier (10 km), Especially, the harvest time of the grapes is fun to attend in summer time.

Assos: Assos is the place where Aristoteles built the first philosophy school. You can find some café-restaurants in the antique harbor below Behramkale. It is 45 km away from our hotel.

Mount Ida is the place where history and mythology stand together in its untouched nature and become the oxygen storage of Canakkale.